Emilie Pine & Sinéad Gleeson

  • 13
  • Oct




until 5.45pm

Headshot of author Emilie Pine

  • Headshot of author Emilie Pine

Women’s bodies are the subject of continued discussion, speculation and law-making, but in their outstanding essay collections, Notes to Self and Constellations, Irish writers Emilie Pine and Sinéad Gleeson set out to reclaim their own bodies and experiences. Emilie considers the heartbreak of fertility treatment and predatory older men, while Sinéad explores the disability caused by monoarticular arthritis in her hip, the meaning of hair and motherhood. Their preoccupations cross with death and grief and blood, and what it means to be a woman in a patriarchal world. This is guaranteed to be an empowering feminist discussion. Hosted by Kate Feld and presented in partnership with Centre for New Writing and Creative Manchester.

Doors open 3.30pm

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