6th - 22nd October 2017

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Hari Kunzru

in Conversation with Nikesh Shukla

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Photo of author Hari Kunzru in a blue jacket with his hand resting on his faceClayton Cubitt

  • Photo of author Hari Kunzru in a blue jacket with his hand resting on his face

‘Believe I buy a graveyard of my own
Believe I buy me a graveyard of my own
Put my enemies all down in the ground’

A British Indian novelist based in New York, Hari Kunzru first burst onto the literary scene in 2003 with his electrifying debut The Impressionist. Since then, he’s published the novels Transmission, My Revolutions and Gods Without Men, and the story collection Noise. A contributor to various broadsheets and magazines, he also writes widely about art, politics and literature and has been praised by fellow authors David Mitchell and Annie Proulx.

Set in New York, Kunzru’s forthcoming novel White Tears is a highly original tale of two naïve, twenty-something music lovers and record collectors. Obsessed with an old blues song forgotten by history, they embark on a dark and perilous journey that takes them from secret bars and studios to the forgotten streets of Mississippi. What they discover on the way looks set to unravel everything around them.

Written in extraordinary prose, White Tears is both a ghost story, a contemporary New York noir and an homage to the blues. It’s also a powerful and deeply compelling tale of suppressed history, greed, exploitation, guilt and cultural appropriation in popular music.

Join us to hear Hari Kunzru read and discuss White Tears with novelist, short story writer and editor of the critically-acclaimed anthology The Good Immigrant, Nikesh Shukla.