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A.L. Kennedy

All The Rage

  • 14
  • Oct




Portrait of writer and stand-up AL KennedyGeraint Lewis

A.L. Kennedy has twice been selected as one of Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists and won the Costa Book of the Year for her novel Day. Over five previous collections, she’s also shown herself to be a master of the short story. Her latest collection, All The Rage, presents a dozen stories and a dozen different ways of looking at love, or lack of love. Here in the everyday world we all inhabit she reveals the battlefield of the heart, where some characters will prevail and others will be lost. With compassion and dark humour, All The Rage takes us from a shocking admission on a railway platform to an uncomfortable lunch between two apparent strangers that culminates in a passionate kiss. 'You do not know this man. He is practically a stranger. Only he's not.'