New Commission

Benjamin Myers & Adelle Stripe

Martin Parr Return to Manchester

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Headshot of author Ben Myers, taken under a canal bridge with graffiti in backgroundJulian Germain Dunelm


MLF and Manchester Art Gallery have co-commissioned Benjamin Myers and Adelle Stripe to respond to Return to Manchester, a career-spanning solo exhibition by iconic British photographer Martin Parr. The exhibition documents Manchester over the last 40 years, including photographs of Prestwich Mental Hospital in 1972, Yates’s Wine Lodge in 1982-83 and Salford in 1986, alongside newly-commissioned work featuring the city and its diverse communities over the past six months. Based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, Benjamin and Adelle are known for writing original and deeply moving fiction that explores place, landscape, class, community and marginalised characters. Adelle is the author of three poetry collections and the novel Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile, inspired by the life and work of Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar. Benjamin is the author of Under The Rock: The Poetry of a Place, Turning Blue, These Darkening Days, and The Gallows Pole, which won the 2018 Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction.

Hosted by curator Natasha Howes.