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Carrie Brownstein

  • 12
  • Nov




The author, musician and actress Carrie Brownstein

Manchester Literature Festival and Virago are thrilled to host an in conversation with much loved musician, writer and actor Carrie Brownstein.

The guitarist and vocalist of Sleater-Kinney, Brownstein has been immersed in music since growing up in America's Pacific Northwest. Written with her trademark wit and honesty, her forthcoming memoir Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl chronicles her passion for music, her experiences of creating and performing music live and her reflections on punk rock, riot grrl, grunge and the feminist movements. An engaging and deeply moving read, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl also captures the complexities of her turbulent upbringing, her identity, sexuality, friendships and relationships.

Come and hear Carrie discuss everything from her exuberant music and brilliant memoir to her role in groundbreaking television shows Portlandia and Transparent. Carrie will be in conversation with MLF's Kate Feld.