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Chen Qiufan & Xia Jia

  • 12
  • Oct
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Headshot of author Xia Jia

We are delighted to welcome two of China’s most acclaimed science fiction writers to MLF. Chen Qiufan (aka Stanley Chan) is the author of Waste Tide. Set in the world’s largest e-waste recycling centre, the novel considers the complexities of the climate emergency, class, power and globalisation. His work has been translated into English by Ken Liu.

Xia Jia (aka Wang Yao) is an academic, fiction writer and translator. Seven of her stories have won the Galaxy Award, China’s most prestigious science fiction award. She has published a fantasy novel and three science-fiction short story collections in Chinese. Her first collection to be translated into English A Summer Beyond Your Reach is forthcoming in November. Her work has been translated by Ken Liu, Emily Jen and Carmen Yiling Yan.

Hosted by Naomi Frisby and presented in partnership with the Confucius Institute.

Chen Qiufan and Xia Jia will also be participating in a science-fiction writing workshop led by writer/researcher Yen Ooi, exploring urban settings and cultural flavours. The workshop takes place at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Saturday 12 October, 4pm – 6.30pm. Full details and how to book can be found here.

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