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Elaine Feinstein

  • 13
  • Oct




Black and white photo of poet Elaine Feinstein smiling.Nigel Sutton

Close-up of poet and editor Michael Schmidt against a sunny, yellow background.

What makes a Jewish girl growing up in Leicester decide to dedicate her life to writing? And what are the challenges she faces on her journey as a woman, wife and bibliophile? We are delighted that Elaine Feinstein will be discussing her long-awaited memoir It Goes with the Territory: Memoirs of a Poet. Peppered with literary anecdotes and revelations, it documents her rich and eventful transformation from a Cambridge undergraduate to the prolific author of 15 novels, 19 collections of poetry (including Cities, Brides of Ice and Daylight) and several radio plays. The event will be chaired by Michael Schmidt, founder and editor of Carcanet Press.