Young Readers

Hey Presto!

By Nadia Shireen, adapted by Laura Lindow

  • 15
  • Oct




Image of the Hey Presto! book cover, showing a turquoise cat taking a bow, holding a top hat and a magic wand

Roll up, roll up! There’s a brilliant new production in town, from the creators of Man on the Moon, The Worst Princess and My Granny is a Pirate. Join New Writing North’s newest production for Durham Book Festival, Hey Presto! by Nadia Shireen and adapted by Laura Lindow. Presto and Monty are best friends. Monty is great at singing, eating ice cream and pulling funny faces, while Presto is a brilliant magician. When the carnival comes to town, Presto and Monty decide to join up with their amazing magic act. The show is a huge success, but fame goes to Monty’s head. Can the friends figure out how to work together, before it’s too late? Featuring original live music, magic tricks and lots of laughs for children under 7 and their families.