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Iain Pears

Arcadia and Interactive Stories

  • 21
  • Oct




Henry Lytten, spy turned academic and writer, sits at his desk in Oxford in 1962, dreaming of other worlds. But as his invented narratives unfurl and overlap, our hero becomes unsure of how he wants his stories to end – or even who is imaginary. In an innovative new publishing venture from Faber, Arcadia will be simultaneously published in book form and as an interactive app that promises to stretch the form of storytelling as we know it.

Iain Pears is the author of bestselling historical novels An Instance of the Fingerpost, The Dream of Scipio and Stone’s Fall. He has also written several detective novels, a book of art history and an extensive body of journalism. He will discuss digital storytelling with writer David Gaffney, the author of Sawn-Off Tales.