It's Not About The Burqa

Raifa Rafiq, Salma El-Wardany, Nadine Aisha Jassat & Afshan D'souza-Lodhi

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  • Oct
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Headshot of author Raifa Rafiq

In 2016, David Cameron said he considered Muslim women to be traditionally submissive. Frustrated by constantly being told what Muslim women were like, editor Mariam Khan invited Muslim women to voice their own narratives and identities for the ground-breaking anthology It's Not About the Burqa. Afshan D’souza-Lodhi claims her identity as a queer Muslim woman; Salma El-Wardany asks, ‘where’s the conversation about sex and women’s pleasure in Muslim communities?’ Yassmin Midhat Abdel-Magied recounts her epiphany on realising that being a woman in engineering could be a good thing, while Mariam tells us why it’s time to decentre White Feminism. Join them as they discuss these issues and more, showing It’s Not About the Burqa.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mariam Khan and Yassmin Midhat Abdel-Magied are no longer able to take part in this event. We will be joined by fellow contributors Raifa Rafiq (Mostly Lit host) and Nadine Aisha Jassat.

Doors open 4pm

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