Main Event

James Naughtie

The Madness of July

  • 18
  • Oct





Radio 4 broadcaster James Naughtie has drawn on decades of experience as a political insider in Westminster and Washington for his debut work of fiction, The Madness of July. A sophisticated thriller about loyalty, survival and family rivalry deep in the Cold War, it introduces us to the world of foreign office minister Will Flemyng. Trained as a spy for a life behind enemy lines, Flemyng is compelled to go back after a mysterious death threatens to envelop him in a political crisis. In the course of one long weekend he must question all his loyalties: to his friends, his enemies, and to his own two brothers. Join us in The Portico Library to hear Naughtie wax lyrical about power, corruption and politics. Doors will be open from 6pm and drinks available.