Jim Crace & Jenni Fagan

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Head shot of author Jim Crace, against a dark stone walll

Jim Crace and Jenni Fagan’s latest novels are concerned with those on the margins of society. In Jim’s The Melody, Alfred Busi is attacked by a creature as it raids the contents of his larder. The incident sparks a decision in the town: that the paupers at its edges must be dealt with. In Jenni’s The Sunlight Pilgrims, a small group, including tattooed giant Dylan and transgender teen Stella, assemble in the north of Scotland to wait out an extreme winter. Jim is the author of twelve novels including Quarantine. Jenni is also a screenwriter and poet, and her latest poetry collection, There’s a Witch in the Word Machine, is published in September. This event is in partnership with the Centre for New Writing.