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Juliet Nicolson

A House Full of Daughters

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Image of Juliet Nicolson looking relaxed with her head leaning on her handAxel Hasslenberg

Every family is an ongoing story, peopled by characters who gradually fade from the page. In her fascinating book A House Full of Daughters, Juliet Nicolson turns her historian’s eye on her own heritage – searching out the details behind the legendary allure of her flamenco-dancing great grandmother Pepita, the eccentricity of grandmother Vita Sackville-West, and her mother’s Tory-conventional background. A sharp-eyed investigation into the nature of memory, familial love and the stories we tell about ourselves, it’s a book full of wisdom and hope.

Juliet Nicolson is the author of two history books about Great War-era Britain, The Great Silence and The Perfect Summer, and a novel, Abdication. A House Full of Daughters was featured on BBC Radio 4, and The Guardian described it as ‘funny in parts, painful in others but always honest.’ Hosted by Libby Tempest, former Senior Librarian at Central Library.