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Lara Feigel: Free Woman, Life, Liberation & Doris Lessing

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  • Oct




Headshot of Lara FeigelJohnny Ring

How might we live more freely, and will we be happier or lonelier if we do? Re-reading The Golden Notebook in her thirties, author Lara Feigel discovered that Doris Lessing spoke directly to her as a woman, a writer, and a mother in a way that no other novelist had done before. A brilliant and genre-defying book, Free Woman explores Lessing’s own story alongside Feigel’s. It’s an absorbing and acute investigation into motherhood, marriage, sex, creativity, and the joys and costs of sexual, psychological, intellectual and personal freedom. Join Lara as she takes us on her quest to discover whether being in love and living freely are compatible states. Lara will be in conversation with host Kate Feld.