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Margaret Drabble

The Dark Flood Rises

  • 19
  • Oct




Image of Margaret Drabble looking straight at the camera with her head resting on her handRuth Corney


What constitutes a good death, and how do we know if we’ve lived well when the end finally comes? One of Britain's most prolific and popular authors returns to MLF to talk about her forthcoming novel, The Dark Flood Rises. Margaret Drabble’s book follows protagonist Francesca Stubbs into the liminal space between old age and death, occupying us with errands of her everyday life and existential questions in equal measure – and has the excoriating wit and keen eye for detail that are Drabble’s hallmarks as a writer.

Margaret is the author of 18 acclaimed novels including The Millstone, The Red Queen, and most recently, The Pure Gold Baby. She was awarded the 2011 Golden PEN Award for services to literature, and has been described by The Independent as ‘the mistress of English Literary Letters’. She will be in conversation with host Carol Ackroyd.

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