Monica Ali

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Book sleeve and headshot for author Monica Ali

The bestselling and much-loved author of Brick Lane, Monica Ali visits MLF to celebrate her brilliant new novel Love Marriage, her first book in a decade. Yasmin’s engaged to fellow Junior Doctor Joe, but when they bring the two families together – one love-matched, long-married Bengali immigrants who thrive on home cooking and the other a single white middle-class feminist academic writing on porn who gets the caterers in for parties – cracks appear in everyone’s lives and stories that have long been told have to be rewritten with significant consequences.

Monica Ali is the author of five novels which have been translated into 26 languages. Her debut, Brick Lane, was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and led to her being chosen as one of Granta’s 2003 Best of Young British Novelists. A television adaptation of Love Marriage is in development. Hosted by broadcaster and Observer critic Alex Clark.