Literary Reputations

Naomi Wood

Mrs. Hemingway

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What was it like to fall in love with Ernest Hemingway? Drawing on extensive research and travels to Antibes, Key West, Cuba and Paris, Naomi Wood’s Mrs Hemingway gives us a fictional portrait of Papa through the perspectives of his four wives: Hadley Richardson, Pauline Pfeiffer, Martha Gellhorn and Mary Welsh Hemingway. An intoxicating novel that brings to life the story of the most famous writer of his generation, Mrs Hemingway chronicles how the four vivid, accomplished women who married him found unique ways to navigate a union marked by passion and deceit. Naomi Wood is also the author of The Godless Boys, which is currently being adapted for film. She lives in London and teaches creative writing at Goldsmiths. The Times described Mrs Hemingway as ‘a wonderful book: carefully written, richly imagined and emotionally wise.’