Not Quite Right for Us: Colin Grant, Fergal Harte, Kerry Hudson, Johny Pitts & Jethro Soutar

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Images of authors Colin Grant, Kerry Hudson and Johny Pitts

This Digital event is freely available to watch from 1pm on Monday 1 November until midnight on Friday 31 December via this web page or on the MLF Vimeo channel

When is a job ‘not quite right’? For Colin Grant it was when he encountered structural racism in the heart of the establishment; for Kerry Hudson, when people questioned her working-class credibility; for Johny Pitts, it was when he learned the hard lesson that the 1990s wasn't a post-racial world; for Jethro Soutar it was when eccentricity bordered bullying; and for Fergal Harte’s narrator, it’s when an editor suggests only certain people can be 'bad guys'. Watch these acclaimed writers read their memoirs and fiction, accompanied by photographs, comic book art and new music, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Speaking Volumes and their new anthology Not Quite Right For Us: Forty Writers Speak Volumes.

Presented in partnership with Speaking Volumes