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Olivia Laing

The Lonely City

  • 12
  • Oct




Image of Olivia Laing leaning against a white wall, wearing a loose black and white striped shirtJohnny Ring

Why is the state of solitude such a source of shame in our society? Laing’s latest book, The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone, is a profound meditation on creativity, art, solitude and urban alienation. She will talk about her own experience of living in New York and how it granted her deeper insights into the work of Andy Warhol, Edward Hopper, outsider artist Henry Darger and queer icon David Wojnarowicz.

Olivia is the author of two acclaimed previous books of nonfiction, The Trip to Echo Spring and To The River – each similarly located at the intersection of memoir, travelogue, critical biography and philosophy. The New York Times said ‘this book serves as both provocation and comfort, a secular prayer for those who are alone — meaning all of us.’ Olivia will be in conversation with MLF’s Kate Feld.