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Reader, I Married Him

Charlotte Brontë celebration with Tracy Chevalier & Nadifa Mohamed

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  • Oct




Image of the front cover of Reader, I Married Him showing a pomegranate cut in half in the shape of a heart, on a white background

‘Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong! – I have as much soul as you, – and full as much heart!’ No heroine is more beloved in British literature than the independently-minded governess of Charlotte Brontë’s eponymous novel, Jane Eyre. Now author Tracy Chevalier (Girl with a Pearl Earring) has edited a collection of 21 stories inspired by the book and shaped by its themes of love, compromise and self-determination.

At this special event to mark the 200th anniversary of Charlotte Brontë’s birth, award-winning authors Nadifa Mohamed (Black Mamba Boy, The Orchard of Lost Souls) and Tracy Chevalier will read their stories and discuss their thoughts on Jane Eyre with host Carol Ackroyd.