Rebecca Solnit in conversation with Jeanette Winterson

  • 31
  • Oct




Author and activist Rebecca SolnitJim Herrington


Fiercely intelligent, radical, sometimes despairing but always, ultimately, hopeful – in her coruscating essays and award-winning books, the voice of Rebecca Solnit has entered the public consciousness and seized the zeitgeist. In 2014’s Men Explain Things to Me, an acknowledged classic of contemporary feminist writing, she spoke for generations of women who have been talked over by the patriarchy.

Now she returns with a new essay collection The Mother of All Questions: Further Feminisms. In it, she points the way toward a new feminism; writing with great thoughtfulness about rape jokes and gender roles; about reproductive choices and the silence of complicity; about the questions women are asked and the narratives we are given.

Rebecca has published the acclaimed nonfiction books Wanderlust, A Field Guide to Getting Lost and Hope in the Dark A contributing editor at Harper’s, she writes regularly for the London Review of Books and Los Angeles Times. She will be in conversation with Jeanette Winterson, prolific author and Professor of New Writing at The University of Manchester. Presented in partnership with Granta and the Centre for New Writing.