Young Readers

Rockin’ Rhinos

  • 16
  • Oct




Drawn image of the Rockin' Rhinos - a group of different animals playing guitars, keyboards and drums

The Rockin' Rhinos Autumn gig marks the first time MLF has commissioned new work from a cat, a bear and a gorilla … imagine a rocked-up Banana Splits celebrating the joy of reading to children and the magical places that books take you to and you'll be part way there with this song premiere that will form the highlight of the gig.

The Manchester band brings real gigs to under-7’s that their grown-ups dig too – fronted by John Cooper Cat with Liam Lion, Mani Mouse and Guy Gorilla amongst others – their fans love their mix of punk, ska, country & rock.

Doors open at 2pm.

Look them up on Facebook and Bandcamp