Main Event

Sarah Crossan, Laura Dockrill & Julie Mayhew

YA Panel: Rebels and Outcasts

  • 17
  • Oct




the author and poet Laura Dockrll

Being a teenage girl is hard, never mind when you’re a conjoined twin, a mermaid on land, or living under a modern-day Nazi regime. Three of the finest Young Adult authors writing today come together to talk about the battles their protagonists face in life, love and identity in their newest novels.

Sarah Crossan’s One delves into the highs and lows of being physically attached to your sibling. Laura Dockrill’s Lorali follows a mermaid’s desire to be human and the dramatic repercussions of her actions. Julie Mayhew’s The Big Lie imagines a world in which the outcome of WWII was different and the people of Britain live under Nazi rule. All three powerful and emotionally driven novels will make for a lively and impassioned afternoon of conversation about YA, its writers and its readers. Chaired by Steve Dearden. Suitable for 13+.