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Sarah Perry


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Head and shoulders image of Sarah Perry, looking straight ahead, with a dark backgroundJamie Drew, 2018

Melmoth is watching and she’s coming for the guilty. They can choose to live with what they’ve done, or follow Melmoth into a life of wandering. Sarah Perry’s third novel is a haunting, Gothic tale of ordinary people making seemingly small decisions that lead to terrible consequences. Unnerving and unsettling, it gives the readers the sense they’re also being watched. Like Sarah’s critically-acclaimed and bestselling 2016 novel, The Essex Serpent, it considers ideas of friendship, morality, politics, and the stories we tell each other. Join us to hear from a writer who is rapidly becoming one of our best contemporary novelists. Sarah will be in conversation with Beth Underdown, author of The Witchfinder’s Sister.

Presented in partnership with the Centre for New Writing.