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Sarah Waters

The Paying Guests

  • 12
  • Oct





One of the country’s most celebrated writers, Sarah Waters is cherished by critics, fellow authors and readers. Her acclaimed novels include The Little Stranger, Night Watch, Tipping the Velvet, Affinity and Fingersmith. She has won numerous awards including Betty Trask and a Somerset Maugham, and her books have been adapted for television. Her much anticipated new novel, The Paying Guests, is a thrilling tale of forbidden love described with excruciating tension, real tenderness and believable characters. Set in London in 1922, it shows how passions and frustrations mount when an impoverished widow and her spinster daughter are obliged to take in paying guests to make ends meet. The arrival of a modern young couple shakes up the routine of the house but no one can see how devastating the disturbances will be. Join us for this special event.