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Sasha Dugdale & Nick Laird

  • 15
  • Oct




Sepia headshot of Sasha Dugdale, facing sideways and looking upTatiana Zima

Two poets concerned with the impact of history. Nick Laird’s latest collection, Feel Free, explores the sundry patterns of freedom and constraint – the family, the impress of history, the body itself – and how we might transcend them. Sasha Dugdale’s Joy begins with the title poem, a monologue in the voice of Catherine Blake, wife of William, and then goes on to a broader consideration of the historical fate of women, and the fictional shaping of history. Nick is the author of four collections of poetry and three novels, including Modern Gods. Sasha is the author of four collections of poetry, and is a translator of contemporary female Russian poets. This event is in partnership with the Centre for New Writing.