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Tales from the Towpath Workshop 2: Building Immersive Stories

Sarah Hymas & Helen Varley Jamieson

  • 18
  • Oct
  • 18
  • Oct




Two connected immersive literature-making workshops for writers explore ways into writing site-responsive texts and how they can be disseminated so form complements subject. Using the draft text created at the first workshop, this workshop focuses on creative aspects of digitalising and presenting your work using projection, unusual print formats and location-specific tools. Participants are guided through a choice of tools to produce a draft immersive text.

Sarah Hymas is a writer, specialising in poetry, performance and artists' books. Her artist’s booklet Lune (2013) was featured in The Guardian Books Blog. Helen Varley Jamieson is a digital artist, theatre practitioner and writer. Recent projects include make-shift and We Have a Situation!, a series of networked performances and discussions addressing topical issues in Europe.

Please note that the Tales from the Towpath interactive story trail is on daily throughout the festival.