Literary Reputations

The Art of the Short Story

Jane Rogers on Fodor Dostoyevsky & Alison MacLeod on Katherine Mansfield

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  • Oct




Close-up of short story author and novelist Alison MacLeod.Kate MacLeod

Jane Rogers sat on a garden benchLaurie Harris

To celebrate the launch of Morphologies, a collection of essays by contemporary writers on past masters of the short form, Comma presents an evening of appreciation with two of the most important short story writers around. Jane Rogers is the author of Hitting Trees with Sticks and The Testament of Jessie Lamb (winner of the Arthur C. Clarke award). Alison MacLeod is the author of Unexploded, The Changeling and Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction. Tonight, Jane and Alison will attempt to unlock the wizardry of two of the greatest short story writers of all time, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Katherine Mansfield.