The Book of Reykjavik: Vera Júlíusdóttir with Auður Jónsdóttir, Björn Halldórsson & Fríða Ísberg

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Images of 3 icelandic authors

This Digital event is freely available to watch from 1pm on Monday 1 November until midnight on Friday 31 December via this web page or on the MLF Vimeo channel

Iceland is a land of stories; from the epic sagas of its mythic past, to its claim today of being home to more writers and more avid readers, per head, than anywhere in the world. In Reykjavik Nights by Auður Jónsdóttir, a recent divorcee is going through her second adolescence as she tries to find her feet after the breakdown of her relationship. In Two Foxes by Björn Halldórsson, a sleepless suburbanite comes face-to-face with an arctic fox in his backyard, triggering a childhood memory of generational differences. Home by Fríða Ísberg shows a darker side of Reykjavik – this supposed paradise of gender equality. A young woman tries to make it safely home after a night out on the town, but every man she encounters feels like a potential threat. The three writers from this new Comma Press anthology will treat us to extracts of their stories and discuss their favourite literary landmarks or places, while editor Vera Júlíusdóttir will talk about editing the anthology, what defines Icelandic writing and the things that make Reykjavik a haven for writers, readers and story lovers.

Presented in partnership with Comma Press and Icelandic Literature Center.