Main Event

The Good Immigrant

Featuring Inua Ellams, Himesh Patel, Miss L & Nikesh Shukla

  • 11
  • Oct




Image of Inua Ellams in front of very colourful backdrop

Keep out, Britain is full up. Or so goes the narrative of immigration all too often. We are a country in flux – our media condemns refugees one day and sheds tears over them the next. The Good Immigrant brings together 21 emerging British black, Asian and minority ethnic writers, poets, journalists and artists. In powerful essays on race and immigration they paint a picture of what it means to be ‘other’ in a country that wants you, doesn’t want you, doesn’t accept you, needs you for its equality monitoring forms and would prefer you if you won a major reality show competition.

We’re delighted to host poet, playwright and performer Inua Ellams, actor and writer Himesh Patel, actor and Casting Call Woe blogger Miss L and the anthology’s editor, the passionate advocate for BAME writers, Nikesh Shukla, who has published essays, journalism and the novels Coconut Unlimited and Meatspace. Join us for an enlightening, thought-provoking evening.