Main Event

Victoria Adukwei Bulley, Rachel Long & Momtaza Mehri

Filigree: Contemporary Black British Poetry

  • 19
  • Oct




Photo of author Victoria Adukwei Bulley standing in a garden

Inscribe / Peepal Tree Press, publisher of Caribbean and Black British Literature, invited poets to contemplate the ‘unspoken essential’ and ‘intangible tangible’ for their Filigree collection. We’re delighted to have three of the contributors perform at this special MLF event.

Victoria Adukwei Bulley is a British-born Ghanian poet and writer, who recently published the pamphlet, Girl B. A former Barbican Young Poet, her work is bold, ambitious and curious.

Rachel Long is a poet, facilitator, and the leader of Octavia, a poetry collective for women of colour at the Southbank Centre. Her playful and moving poems have been published in numerous anthologies, and she is currently working on her first collection.

Momtaza Mehri is a Somali-British poet, essayist and editor. She was co-winner of the 2018 Brunel International African Poetry Prize, and her urgent and dynamic poems landed her the role of Young People’s Poet Laureate for London.

Join us for an evening celebrating contemporary Black British poetry. Hosted by poet Dorothea Smartt.