Rising Stars

Young Enigma

Polari Palace

  • 15
  • Oct




Group of 4 young queer performers and writers against a brick wallYoung Enigma

Join Manchester's emerging queer collective Young Enigma as they celebrate, reinvigorate and repurpose the 'gay language' of Polari, which was developed from a vibrant blend of cockney rhyming slang, performers' lingo, thieves' cant and a multicultural hodgepodge of dialects and languages. In this innovative showcase of new writing, Young Enigma and friends will werk, cackle, throw shade, and cast sparkle on this not-so-secret queer tongue, presenting short monologues, poems and sermons. The audience will be invited to provide feedback on these works-in-progress, which will be carried forward for a full performance in 2014. Presented in association with Contact.