Image of Dave Haslam in converstaion with Tracey Thorn

Image of Erica Wagner in conversation with Margaret Atwood

Image of Robert Harris

Image of Sarah Hall and George Monbiot in conversation with David Gaffney

Image of Melvyn Bragg

Image of Kathryn Williams and Rachel Cooke

Image of Jesus Carrasco, Mariana Casale O'Ryan and Kirmen Uribe

Tmrw eve @MancCamerata's The Beautiful North celebrates the Northlands in music & poetry:


Fabulous interview with The Royal Exchange's Sarah Frankcom & @Northern_Soul_ about past & future productions:


RT @NewWritingNorth: This afternoon 4.30-5.30pm we'll be here talking #NorthernWritersAwards, answering queries and holding your hand while…


Nice mention of our Helen Macdonald & Jeanette Winterson event 29 Feb. Got your ticket?


RT @newwritingMCR: Feb 29 @McrLitFest presents Jeanette Winterson & Helen Macdonald @MHCentre. More info: https://t…