Rising Stars

Faber New Poets

Sophie Collins, Zaffar Kunial, Richard Scott & Hannah Sullivan

  • 13
  • Oct




Collage of headshots of poets Sophie Collins, Zaffar Kunial, Richard Scott and Hanah Sullivan

Four poets. Four different takes on the world. Four exciting debut collections. In Who Is Mary Sue?, Sophie Collins considers the politics behind the way writing by women is received – the presumption that everything is autobiographical. Zaffar Kunial’s Us looks at his upbringing by an English mother and a Kashmiri father, and the distances his own life has had to travel. Richard Scott takes us on a tour of love, shame and Soho, examining how trauma becomes part of the language we use. While Hannah Sullivan’s Three Poems are studies of innocence lost, birth, and grief on both sides of the Atlantic. Join us to hear these diverse and exhilarating new voices perform their work.

Introduced by John McAuliffe, poet and co-director at the Centre for New Writing.