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Patience Agbabi

Telling Tales

  • 16
  • Oct




photo of performance poet Patience AgaabiLyndon Douglas

Award-winning poet Patience Agbabi retells Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales for the 21st century in her new book Telling Tales. This boisterous and lyrical collection gives one of Britain's master texts thrilling new life. Agbabi is the author of three collections, Bloodshot Monochrome, Transformatrix and R.A.W. A dynamic live performer, she has toured widely with the British Council and her poems have appeared on radio and televison. Jeanetten Winterson described Telling Tales as “a pilgrimage of punks, badasses, broken hearts, beat poets, silver-tongued fixers, town criers, beauties, sinners… inventive, risky, serious and fun.”