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Polly Samson & Virginia Baily

  • 21
  • Oct




Image of Polly SamsonSarah Lee

Two of our finest novelists read and discuss tales of love, loss, rescue and betrayal. Polly Samson is the author of two short story collections including Sunday Times Fiction Choice of the Year, Perfect Lives, and has written lyrics for three bestselling albums. Her new novel The Kindness was inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost and focuses on a couple who give up all they have to be together. The Independent called it ‘a gorgeously chilling novel about grief and betrayal.’

Virginia Baily’s new novel, Early One Morning, is the moving story of a Roman woman who shelters a Jewish child during the German occupation – and the unforeseen way this act of kindness will connect her to a young Welsh girl. Her first novel, Africa Junction, won the 2012 McKitterick Prize, and she is the founding editor of short story journal Riptide. Hosted by Katie Popperwell.